Tuesday, May 14, 2013

wobbly steps for mother's day

Sage gave me the best Mother's Day present a 10-month old could possibly give. I was taking pictures of him on the grass during my parents' Mother's Day BBQ (the day was so beautiful and his outfit was so cute, I just couldn't help giving my camera some lovin').

This little sir has been all about the outdoors since the weather has warmed up. He will stand by the door reaching up for the doornob in an attempt to let himself out to play in the yard. This includes reaching up for the closet door and the bathroom door, as if there is a sort of Narnia in his mind. All doors lead to somewhere, and hopefully that somewhere is outside.

This need to constantly be outside is beginning to take over our lives. I mean, don't get me wrong. I love nothing more than soaking up some glorious vitamin D, but sometimes you need to be inside. Sometimes being inside is necessary. This last week at church Sage squirmed and whined and did that back-arching thing babies sometimes do until I finally took him outside. He played on the grass and felt the sunshine on his face until the was time for the next class. We lasted about 5 minutes in the next meeting before the back-arch-twist move started again and we were back outside in the grass. That is until my mom came out to tell us that there was a cheesecake bar set up for the mothers in the gym. Sage was willing to bite the bullet and go inside if there was cheesecake involved. Those three little teeth he has are definitely sweet teeth. I ate the cheesecake and he ate the crust. We make such a killer team.

This all leads us to the BBQ after church at my parents' house. My dad was out starting up the BBQ, and Sage decided he needed to be outside too. I mean, Grandpa being outside while he was stuck inside was just not fair. NOT FAIR. So Sage went on to bang the heck out of the glass door to let everyone know that it was time to be outside. I grabbed the camera and took my little adventure-man outside. I was taking pictures of him on the grass as moms do, when he just popped himself up and wobbled over to me on his shaky little legs. It was like he'd done it a million times. Everyone just stopped and looked at each other while it sunk in. We looked at each other with mouths open and eyeballs the size of saucers.... then clapped and cheered.


Now, chunky little babies aren't very good at picking out flowers (that aren't front-yard dandelions) and cards, but this was the best Mother's Day present this little ham could give me. I was thrilled. And all week anyone who comes into my classroom has had to see the pictures of the whole thing. Sometimes twice because I forget who I've already shown. Hopefully they'll forgive me.

I have a feeling they will.