Thursday, May 16, 2013


The other night Colin and I went for a walk together in the sprinkling rain -- just the two of us -- and we still ended up at the park on the swings. Colin tried to go as high as he  could, then quickly stopped himself by dragging his feet. "That was really kind of scary" he concluded once he came to a complete stop. "How were we so brave as kids?!"

Reading: Right now I'm reading Where'd you go, Bernadette? and I'm really enjoying it so far. With the end of the school year in the near future, I'm not in the mood to read anything that takes more brain cells than watching a movie. This book is perfect for nights after fighting with 8th graders who no longer feel like belong in middle school. I might as well be a kindergarten teacher as far as these guys are concerned, middle school is for babies and they are not babies anymore. It's the junior high version of senioritis and it's tiring! I saw this book at Target and literally judged it by its cover. I would recommend this book for all things beach and gym this summer.

Wondering: Where the time is going (cliche, right?). But really though. I feel like the days are dragging on but the weeks, months, years are flying by. Is this how the rest of life is going to go? Feeling like there's not enough time? Like there's not enough time for all the train rides and summer walks and frozen yogurt I can jam pack into this short life of mine. This has been a concept that has been starting to consume me and I'm working on being content with the time that I have rather than feeling like I need to be doing MORE with that time.

Feeling thankful: This weekend my car broke down on the freeway. I knew from the clunking sounds and the smoke coming from under the hood that things were going to be bad. No good news could come from this. After a $300 tow to the repair shop, I left my car in the parking lot and my key in the night drop with a note that said "I broke down on the freeway and had my car towed here, I'll call Monday morning." On Monday I called from my classroom and began the conversation with "I'm pretty sure my engine is shot, so before you worry about calling me with "bad news", I know the bad news is coming and I'm ready." He laughed and seemed to appreciate the heads up. The repairs are going to end up being more than the car is worth, but I'm not in a place to make monthly car payments on a new car right now.  All in all I'm thankful for tax refunds. Because without that I would be more of a mess over the whole thing than I already am.

Eating: Saturday after the car incident I went home and felt sorry for myself and ate two helpings of lemon lavender frozen yogurt. And ohmahgosh did it hit the spot. If that's comfort eating then so be it.

Watching: The clock (just kidding....kind of). I've been getting my reality fix through RHOC and and The Voice. My family has been Revenge obsessed, but I haven't seen enough to jump on the wagon yet. Since I don't have cable in my apartment I watch all my TV at my parents' house, which definitely keeps my cable watching to a minimum. I've been watching a lot of DVDs, and right now The Little Mermaid has been on repeat in Sage's room. He loves everything about that movie. Whenever Ariel sings he lays his head down and watches with this dreamy look on his face. First crush?

Working on: getting swimsuit ready! I booked my flight to Louisiana in July (during my birthday) to visit Darbi and her family, and being the best best best friend ever she booked two days at a resort in Florida while I'm there. UMMMM how exciting is that?! I mean, seriously. Now I'm working on spending at least 5 days a week at the gym doing cardio and weights to try and get rid of this kangaroo-pouch-looking-thing that I have left over from having Sage. I've been starting to run a little and eating better (minus above mentioned lemon lavender froyo of course...), and in the last couple weeks I've felt amazing and even lost some weight. But these girls I'm going with are b-e-a-utiful. Darbi is tiny and beautiful and her sister is tiny and beautiful and has TWO kids, and rumor has it she fit into her pre-baby clothes after two weeks of giving birth so aside from hating her I have to not look like the tag along smuggling cottage cheese in my bathing suit. Oh, and I've been working on not comparing myself to others. (haha)

Loving: I'm loving the warm weather and the wonderful opportunities that open up when it warms up. Here in Nevada we literally went from having snow one week to 80 degree weather the next. Spring just takes a wrong turn some years and doesn't make it here. So now that the warm weather has found us, we are outside a lot. I'm adding a night-time walk to our nightly routine. The new neighborhood we live in is in the old part of town, and you can just walk around and enjoy the old houses and huge trees and just soak in the goodness of being outside. Last night we went right as the sun was going down so it was nice and cool outside. And Mr. ICANTSITSTILLINEEDTOSQUIRM is totally and completely content in his stroller just looking at the trees and flowers and occasional deer (yes! we have about 11 deer that wander around our neighborhood!) and rabbit. It's our peaceful time where everything seems right in the world.

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