Sunday, May 5, 2013

baseball makes it feel like summer

Nothing drives the point that summer is coming fast like a baseball game. Amy, Sage and I went to see the Aces play last weekend, and Sage is now officially a baseball fan. He loved every second of it. 

The memories taken from the game include but are not limited to: ballpark hot dogs, garlic fries (ohmygosh the were good), soft serve ice cream, clapping (a new favorite, I even got claps while I was doing Zumba in the living room this afternoon. What an accomplishment!), songs, cheering, and making new friends. 

The people sitting behind us fell in love with him by the end of the game. They let him wear their Aces hat and said "byyyyyyye Sage!" in unison when it was bedtime and time to pack up and hit the road. One man behind us held the bottom of a folding stadium chair with his feet so Sage could try sitting in the chair without it folding on him. He's a pro at making friends! 

On our way out we stopped to get a picture with the mascot Archie. I went into it knowing that he would most likely be traumatized by the whole thing, but I took the chance anyway. Turns out not much scares Sage, he was in love with Archie. He was running his fingers through his hair (fur?) and kept bopping him in the nose. 

This marks the first of many summer memories!