Friday, April 12, 2013

outfit: shirt as a skirt

 I was shopping F21 clearance last week when I found this awesome geometric...something. I took it into the fitting room and tried on what I thought was a skirt. Now let me tell you, maternity clothes showed me the beauty of an elastic waistband... so when I found a skirt with elastic that was not from the maternity section, I knew we needed to be together.
Come home with me, geometric elastic waistband skirt. You're the one for me.
Later, I was looking at my reciepts and I saw a "geometric tunic" listed on my F21 reciept.
I can't believe I was charged for a shirt that I didn't buy!
Then it hit me. Said awesome colorblocked geometric elastic waistband skirt of my dreams is actually a babydoll shirt. Dangit. I thought about returning it to the store, but we were so in love.
Today I decided to wear the skirt/shirt. I wore a plain grey v-neck from...the third drawer in my dresser (it's so old I don't know where it came from. Oh and sisters, if you are reading this and realize this is your shirt...too bad for you. Keep better track of your clothes I guess) and a pair of strappy Tommy Hilfiger sandals I found at Marshall's.
I wish I was clever enough to say that I found this shirt and thought outside the box enough to wear it as a skirt, but really it was just a misunderstanding. But it was a beautiful, wonderful misunderstanding that brought me to my new favorite spring piece. Good enough for me.
Unrelated side note: I sure do love spring.
(Sage is obviously not interested in being in this picture, as he is kicking off his shoe and trying to eat a stick.)