Saturday, April 6, 2013

bath, interrupted

This morning I had a lazy Saturday craving for a relaxing bath. Since obviously Sage isn't old enough to spend some time alone, I brought toys into the bathroom, thinking that he might be able to play independently for a little while so I could enjoy my bath and read a book. Yeah right. He couldn't even get past the water filling up in the tub before he was convinced that this bath must be for him. You can see him trying to climb into the tub, and my hand close just in case he actually succeeded. He only took a break from his bathtub obsession to flush the toilet a couple of times. This is also one of his new-found favorite games. ICK.

When the bath filled up I decided to hop in and just try to enjoy the bath the best that I could while he played in the water off to the side. This didn't really work either. His splashing and "look I can put my whole face under the water" made for a little bit of a stressful bath. Not the relaxing bath time I was hoping for.

Sage finally won this battle. I waved the white flag and let him take over the bathtub. I had my relaxing bath time commandeered by a nine-month-old. This cute little Napoleon has full reign over the bathtub in this house.

Needless to say I didn't get to read ANY of my book.

**sorry about the blurry iPhone pictures, there was no way I was bringing my DSLR around this guppy at bath time:)