Monday, April 15, 2013

outfit: jewel tones for spring


This is my first link-up! I'm doing this post as part of a "Dare to Wear" challenge on a blog that I follow. You can find that blog by clicking the link at the bottom of the post. The theme was "Spring Brights", So I thought it would be something fun to try!  

Today felt like anything but spring weather. It was cold, windy, and we had flurries of snow throughout the day. NOT the weather I was hoping for when I was planning my cute spring dress and sandals. That outfit will have to be for a later post I guess! 

You can tell Sage isn't loving the wind either. We are both ready for some warmer weather!

On me
sweater: Banana Republic // pants: Aeropostale // shoes: BCBG // coat: Target
On Sage: 
pants, shoes, coat: Baby Gap // shirt: Target

Jewel tones are where it's at for spring. I actually used a color wheel to help me put this outfit together. Yes... a color wheel. I keep one on my computer in case I need some help or inspiration putting colors together.

You can use a color wheel in a couple different ways. I like to use it in the same way I would use color swatches when mixing paint. I like being able to have the colors in front of me to see what ones stick out to me and feel like they would work well together.

The most fool-proof way to use a color wheel is to either match colors that are directly across from one another or next to each other. For this outfit I pulled colors from the same side of the color wheel.