Tuesday, March 26, 2013

not just for farmers and train conductors

This morning when I was getting Sage ready I realized, "Oh my gosh, I have an 9-month-old" I don't know why I didn't sink in until today but for some reason it didn't. When I got him out of bed and was deciding what he should wear, I realized that I hadn't even unpacked his 9 month clothes. (Talk about denial...)

 We were given boxes and boxes and boxes of hand-me-downs from one of my coworkers while I was pregnant with Sage. I pulled the box of clothes out of the closet and looked at what we had. I have to say...baby Xander is a well dressed little man. And we were lucky enough to end up with the clothes that he grew out of. These overalls were at the top of the box. 

I love a little boy in overalls. 

I personally loved overalls when I was in elementary school. There isn't another clothing option that offers what overalls can offer. You can run and jump and play. They offer all the freedom of a dress without having to worry about showing "the goods" when you do a handstand. They aren't the most fashion-forward thing in the world (or even the second...or third) but they are awesome. Nothing says, "I'm ready to play" like a pair of worn-in overalls.

Over a certain age overalls cease to be acceptable. Though Justin Bieber thought they were acceptable to wear overalls to meet the Canadian Prime Minister (google it); as an adult in overalls you run the risk of looking like Dexys Midnight Runners in the "Come on Eileen" video.

"To rah loo rah, To rah loo rye, ayyyyyye"

 Opening that box and finding those overalls right on top this morning brought back a huge wave of memories. Unfortunately I don't think I could pull off a pair of adult overalls, but on the same note I don't climb as many trees or do as many cartwheels as I did in my overall-wearing days.