Sunday, June 22, 2014

three weeks of 52 project pictures

We're back home for about a week and a half before taking off again. With spotty internet access in hotels across the west coast -- and a phone that fell into the Pacific -- I haven't been nearly as connected as I usually am.

So, this week, we are playing catch up a little bit.

This was before we left Monterey. I wish teachers were payed enough that we could pick up and live next to the ocean. You better believe that I would be there in a second if I could. And if I wasn't concerned for Sage's well-being, I would probably just pick up and move there anyway, figuring it out as I went. The sunsets over the ocean were fantastic. The nights were chilly, so we put sweatshirts on over our shorts and t-shirts before we went to watch the sun disappear on the edge of the water. This baby (who heartbreakingly isn't a baby anymore after this week) has a deep and obvious love for the ocean. Running to the edge of the water, letting the waves kiss his toes, before running back up the shore. He repeated this routine nightly until either I called it a night or a wave caught him and took him under, soaking him and leaving him shivering. This didn't stop him, though. If I would have let him, he would have stayed out on the ocean with his clothes soaked and his teeth chattering, watching the waves come in.

This place is where we belong.

This picture might be one of my favorites. We were on a walk next to the ocean in Pacific Grove, CA and Sage was attempting to lure a bird off of a rock with a cracker from his lunch. When it was clear the bird was not willing to do the footwork (wingwork?) to move to the cracker, I walked over, picked Sage up, took the cracker from him, and reached up to offer the cracker to the (seemingly) innocent bird. As the bird violently snatched the cracker from my hand, three more appeared from behind him and swooped down toward us, much like a scene from The Birds. We covered our heads and ducked as we ran to the car. After that I refused to give any more crackers to the terrorist dive-bombing birds. All the while an older couple was sitting in their car enjoying the ocean view, and hysterically laughing at our encounter.

PS - The view along these cliffs was the most fantastic thing I have experienced in a long time.

The hot air balloon ride was one of Sage's favorites at Knott's Berry Farm. There was never a line for the ride (huge plus with a two-year-old with zero patience), and it was a nice and long "balloon" ride. Relaxing, even. Which is something we both needed in the middle of a busy amusement park. His apparent love for hot air balloons makes me so excited to take Sage to the balloon races this year. Our trip to the balloon races last year here.

a portrait of my child, once a week, every week in 2014

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