Monday, June 2, 2014

memorial day parade

Memorial Day weekend!
It was definitely the first real lick of summer this year.

We went to Virginia City for some real honkey-tonk wild west action. Virginia City makes me soo happy. Have I mentioned that once or twice or ten times? I'm pretty sure I have.
Another trip to Virginia City here.

But we got up to Virginia City on Saturday late-afternoon-ish and were surprised to be greeted by a parade! How fantastic! In Virginia City they just have parades whenever the H they want to because all it takes is everyone in town starting up their cars and deciding to drive in a line. I'm convinced the people in town were all just drinking that morning and decided today was a fine day for a parade. The announcer was more than just buzzed and the parade had 2 minute gaps throughout, but isn't that just the beauty of Virginia City?

Someday I'll tell you about the time we got up there and they were having an outhouse race. That's right, people were racing decorated outhouses down main street. And there was a drunk announcer for that too! Do you see why I love this place so much? I mean, seriously. Every visit is some sort of ridiculousness that I couldn't even make up if I wanted to.

But we were on a mission for a raccoon hat for Mr. Sage, and we decided unanimously that Virginia City was the place for that. We also decided unanimously that Sage needed a 'coon hat because what fits the personality of a wild, mischievous, almost two-year-old ruffian more than a 'coon skin hat? Exactly. Nothing, I say.

We ate lunch at the most fantastic Mexican food place in the universe (so we've decided) and contemplated the age old question "to caramel apple or not to caramel apple". Which just ended in the argument of how to pronounce the word "caramel". And that apparently I sound like a hick when I say "car-mull" and Colin's just ohsoeducated because he says "care-uh-mel" and don't we all wish we could be fancy Candians and hold our pinkies up while we drink tea and crumpets? wha-wha-whaaaaa

But Virginia City isn't exactly the kind of place where people know if there's gluten in the food or not, so we opted against the car-mull apples this time. Actually Colin opted against the car-mull apples for me, because he wasn't in the mood to deal with me getting glutened and then having to hear about it (my thesis).

Oh, and I was also told not to post the picture of Colin looking noble that I snuck-took while he was watching the parade but I figure if Virginia City-ans can do whatever the H they want, then I'm going to do whatever the H I want, too.

So here they are...

Now I want a car-mull apple, doesn't that sound fantastic!?