Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Winter has been funny this year. Instead of snow the sky brought us warm rain, and we enjoyed playing in the outdoor sprinkler. In the desert warm rainstorms are few and far between, so we have to enjoy them whenever it is that they decide to stop by. 

I'm finishing up The Invention of Wings by Sue Monk Kidd. It's great. I joined a book club and so far all the books have been fantastic. If you do decide to download the Kindle or Nook version, make sure to get the version that isn't the Oprah Book Club version... unless of course you want Oprah's commentary throughout the book. Which I didn't, but have anyway because I didn't know the difference. Now I know.

Breakfast foods for every meal except breakfast. #rebelnation

Thinking about: 
Keeping myself busy. Between work, the after-school tutoring program that I picked up for some extra money, an online class that I enrolled myself in, and a one-year-old who has determination and scheme running through his veins (which is a lethal combination) I'm spread pretty thin these days. I found this article on stopping the "glorification of busy"... because you know what? It's true. Everyone needs to rearrange life to make time for healthy eating and meditation (two things that have completely been tossed to the wayside in my life the past few months). It's a great article on modeling good behavior for our kids and being your best (calm) self. Time management, self. Make it happen. *power fist*

Listening to: 
Sage was sick and I ended up singing this song to him, which he loved (regardless of the fact that I sound like all kinds of dying animals when I sing). I love him so much I couldn't stand to put him through that kind of punishment anymore. I ordered a vintage 1961 recording for the record player and now everyone is happy. Thanks Ebay!

Parks and Recreation on Netflix. Because Netflix, you are my one true love. Leslie Knope for president. 

The lack of snow this winter. My poor circulation, closet full of ballet flats and two wheel drive car would all like to take this opportunity to thank the gods of winter for having our backs this year.

Thank you Danielle for originally inspiring these posts.