Tuesday, November 5, 2013


While in Utah we stopped at Temple Square. It was a beautiful day and we could have stayed there forever, exploring that single block jam-packed with things to see.

Steps are always something we look for wherever we go.
Whether we find them or they find us I'm not quite sure.

Now this was a particularly great set of steps.

Sage looks up at a good series of steps like a challenge -- like a baby Mt. Everest. He takes the challenge every time; each step's climb a carefully calculated move.

Both hands out straight in front like a zombie,
then those two hands drop in unison on the step in front of him.
One foot onto the step, both feet onto the step.
Stand up. Baaaaaaalance... arms wobbling like a jellyfish until he gains stability.
Zombie hands back out...
drop onto the next step.

One step at a time he repeats this until he has found himself at the top of the staircase.Then he sits and looks out triumphantly at the cement mountain he climbed.

We love a good set of steps.