Saturday, June 8, 2013

little kylie is a grown up!

Today the littlest of the Jensen girls graduated from high school!
It was hot as all heck out on the field. The weather report showed a scorching 100 degrees, which ended up being a win/loose situation because not many people braved the heat to attend so the seats were the best in Jensen graduation history. We were right on the field behind the graduates, perfect spot for picture taking and people watching! 

Kylie told us that they were told to keep the ceremony short and end before grandparents started passing out in the stands. Thanks CHS! We really appreciate it... because my graduation went on foreverrrrr and everrrrr and everrrrr, and that was from the point of view of someone actually graduating. When the boys start sweating through their gowns, it's been too long.

Sage was a good sport. He chugged three bottles of apple juice and played on the turf. He kept pulling the pieces of turf out of the ground and looking at it with a thisgrassisnotright look on his face. He especially was confused with the turf that was painted white. He pulled up handfuls, looked at it quizzically, then shoved it in his mouth in true baby fashion.

At the end of graduation we met up with Kylie and her friends for some pictures. Sage was excited to see Andrew (as usual), but his excitement wore off quickly as the temperature continued to rise. When he threw up from the heat, we knew it was time to go. "It's okay Sage, a lot of football players have thrown up on this field I'm sure," my dad told him encouragingly. Thanks, Grandpa.

I am beyond thrilled to announce that Sage was blessed with my olive skin tone (yay!) and not my dad's white/burn/back to white skin. This will make our summer a gazillion times easier. 

Good job little Kylie!!