Monday, June 17, 2013

catching frogs

Some days I'm extra outnumbered and the menfolk have to follow their manly instincts and do manly things. This Saturday was one of those days. We packed up the car, picked up Colin's little brother Eion and headed to the swampiest park round these-here parts for a little snake and frog catching.

It was a beautiful day in a beautiful place, a place that feels out of place in the Nevada desert. It would make a perfect place for some kite flying and picnicking, but such events would have detracted from the manliness of the day. 

My kite and I will have to come back another day.

These two spotted a huge frog that they were determined to get from the muck. They couldn't believe that I couldn't see the frog they were pointing out to me. 


They shook their heads as they climbed down the rocks, and though it may have been my imagination; I could hear them sigh to themselves, 

"ugh... girls."