Thursday, February 14, 2013

5 blogs that inspire me right now

Design Sponge blog:
Moving has made me a little bit design happy. Everywhere I go I look for design inspiration, and this my friends is the Mecca of design inspiration.

Kelli Murray at Kelli Murray Blog:
I first found Kelli Murray through her Etsy shop. She has a blog where she features her outfits, photography, and other bits and pieces from her life.

Small Fry blog:
Small Fry is where the best of the best in the kid's blog world are put into one place. They feature clothing, crafts, party ideas, books, the best blogs, all sorts of things.

Mr. Kate blog:
This is another place where I find a lot of inspiration for decorating. Mr. Kate has room inspiration posts along with DIY and upcycle posts along with tutorial videos. My favorite so far has been a tutorial on how to reupholster a thrifted chair.

Natalie at Nat the Fat Rat blog:
She has a cute little boy, she has great taste in clothes and furniture, and she puts outfits together using pieces she finds at Forever 21 and H&M. She lives in NYC and eats Chipotle every day. She's

Sorry it's been so quiet around here.. Sage and I just moved into a new apartment where we don't have internet set up (yet). That along with the terrible sickness that's been going around and my agreement to take on the after-school math program has left me spread pretty thin. Things are settling in and I'm getting into a groove, so I should be back to regular posting soon. Thanks for not hating me (too much). xo