Wednesday, May 21, 2014

sacramento zoo

Last weekend we went to Sacramento for a short trip to see the animals at the zoo (well, and maybe to go to the mall too. I mean, since we were there and everything). We are big fans of zoos and all things animal. Especially since we have been watching The Jungle Book on a loop lately. This seemed to really be the turning point in zoo history, because as we came up to the different animals I proceeded to sing whatever Jungle Book song corresponded to that animal, which Sage thought was prettttttttttttty hilarious. I may have even called him "man cub" while at the zoo. When in Rome, you know?

More of our animal adventures:
Flamingos at the Indianapolis Zoo
Monterey Bay fish zoo (aquarium)
Chicago fish zoo

I also just realized while I was going through my posts that I never finished posting our spring break trip. So look forward to those posts coming up in the next couple of days!